Thursday, September 20, 2012

My First week.

I have been in Finland for a week now, arriving last Wednesday 30 minutes before I should have (congratulations to Air Baltic). I have been really busy running around doing bits and pieces which is why I have not updated my blog.

Leaving the Island was easier than I thought, even though I will dearly miss my friends and I will miss the familiarity of the place, it felt like I was just going home. I finished work on the Saturday before leaving the rock and was overwhelmed by the send off I got. They signed a really great card and gave me some gifts, it was really heart warming. I had a meal with some work friends before I left and tried to catch up with other friends, but 3 days goes really fast. My friends within the church held a small party for me, this was very moving, these friends I will sorely miss.

On my way to Ronaldsway Airport, one of the wheels from my bag came off. This is the curse of my friend Andy, whose house I stayed at the night before with his wife Zara, who stated the previous evening that we should set off at 5 just in case a wheel came off or something. This was the start of a long journey which took me to Gatwick, Riga, Turku and finally Oulu.

I was greeted at Oulu airport by my beautiful wife to be Tanja who presented me with Red Roses and Chocolates and our good friend Sonja who held a sign saying Welcome Home. It felt good to be back in Finland, even better to know I was not leaving any time soon and even more amazing, to know I was going to be with Tanja every day.

On the Friday I was conned into a dastardly plan to be made a mockery off........ it was called a Stag Night. Organised by Tanja's brother and my best man, Janne, I was made to dress up in a Banana Suit, driven blind folded into Oulu and forced to dance peanut butter jelly time.......... twice. This was much to the amusement of my friends who had been informed about this night and random Oulu citizens. I was awarded with a pizza, so not all bad. I was then blindfolded and driven to a not so secret location by the river and then marched into the black, freezing water. After coming out completely soaked and shaking so bad I thought I would shatter bones let alone my teeth, we went to a friends house for Sauna, chat and games. Overall it was a great night and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Not much has happened. Some of my parcels have arrived, my books have all arrived by freight. Tanja and I have spent much time together catching up and discussing the future. I have cooked a few meals, even had guests round on Monday to sample my cooking. I will be making more regular blog updates in the future, this will be an amazing time, a great opportunity and one that I wish to share with all who want to read.

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