Saturday, December 1, 2012

..... Then I took an x-ray to the Knee!

Like the title suggest I recently had an x-ray on my knee. In August 2011, my knee gave way after going out with some friends bowling. I went to hospital and spent two weeks on crutches before returning to work. However the knee has been giving me trouble ever since, days when it locks completely and I cannot walk very far, the problem is though the waiting list on the Island was 2 years. I went to see a doctor here in Finland last week who described my leg as 'löysä' which as you can probably work out means loose. Tanja told me she could actually see my leg moving when the doctor was pulling on it. So after the appointment we scheduled to go for an x-ray on Tuesday morning at 0740, which is not the best time to go for x-ray as you are half asleep when the technician is giving you instructions to follow. The results came the other day saying there is no sign of fractures but there is damage and so I am now in a queue to see Orthopedics.

I am still waiting for Kela to process my paper, which is annoying as it has been there for a month now and I cannot get any support until it goes through. I am planning on plastering the town next week with my CV to see if any place needs a chef, even if it is for the holidays.

I am not sure if I told you all but my wife has put me on a fish fingers and noodle diet because I told her it was my favourite food and she wants to see how long it will take for me to get sick of it. I am currently on my second week of it, but am lucky because we eat out at family every week. On Tuesday evening Tanja made me Fish Fingers and Noodle pizza, it tasted..... interesting to say the least. As you can tell from the pictures it is very yummy.

It has been mega cold all this week, not been any warmer than -10. It has been so dry too, I go outside and within minutes my ears are stinging if I am not wearing a hat and my hands turn a curious shade of blue without gloves. I will see this winter as a learning experience, of that I have no doubt.

I was invited to the school again this Thursday but instead of giving a talk, I was there to help cook with students of my Father in Law's class. At first it was like trying to get blood from a stone getting the students to do the work but soon they settled down and all but one contributed to the dinner. Overall we made cottage pie (but tomato based and topped with parsnip mash), coleslaw (made with yoghurt), bread rolls and Apple Crumble. The students loved eating the final result. It was fun for me too, even if most of my contribution was hand signing and pointing. On the same day we went to the parents house and made deep fried mars bars, I had made them for Jani before he left for England and now Mother and Father wanted a try. Mini Mars bars work a lot better than full size ones if you don't have a deep fat fryer I discovered. We also deep fried some strawberry chocolate, it wasn't half bad.

Not much has happened. It is the first of December so I have brought up the Xmas decorations from the basement, it is snowing outside, which means soon it will be a white blanket and I can create my massive ice lolly for no reason other than I want too. The rivers are freezing over and so the sea cannot be that far off. So till I write again my friends, have superfun.

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