Monday, October 1, 2012


Well doomsayers did say 2012 would be the end........... for Oulu, we had a Zombie Invasion but luckily they didn't bite anyone and went home after an hour or so walk around the city.

 It was very cool, having never seen one of these fabled Zombie walks that happen all over the world, it was something different. Last year, the Oulu Zombie Walk had about 200 people taking part, this year I think they may have done a wee bit more than that. Everyone seemed to have fun and there was a big crowd of tag a longs and people lining the main streets watching.

The zombie leaders giving an inspirational speech

Even Zombies obey the traffic signs

Some are even literate

Fuelled by monster Energy

I would've hugged him but was holding my camera.

An unfortunate bystander

I also have a video of the event which I am editing, so will post on my youtube account when I have done it.


  1. So Laurance ... are we gonna see you in this invasion next year?

    1. I would love to do it next year......... so we'll see.