Thursday, October 4, 2012

Star shaped Omelets and Gangnam Style.

Sometimes you really should not say something to your wife that she will make you do at some point in the future. This happened when, after watching the Gangnam style video, I stated I could dance like that.

Well I can now safely say that maybe I should reduce my dancing career to dark nightclubs where no one can recognise me and everyone else is dancing like a loon.

Learning a language can be really hard but learning Finnish is just harder, for those who speak English, English is part of the language family called Indo-European and has many things in common with German, Swedish and other Western European languages like grammar construction, words, pronunciation etc. Well Finnish comes from the Uralic language family and has very little in common with English or Western European languges. Even basic words and letters are pronounced differently than we English would pronounce it. I mean 'Y' is pronounced 'ew'. So I have been struggling to learn from CDs that I have acquired but it is just noise and I have such difficulty sometimes understanding them. But today I rang up a place that offers courses for beginners and as off next Tuesday I will be going to 'school' in a manner of speaking. I cannot wait, get to see new sites, learn new things and hopefully start putting some language together.

My Wife has been an assistant in a music class for this week instead of her normal student and as such I have had the pleasure of making her packed lunches this week. I bought her a pink hello kitty lunchbox a few months back but we then found out her lunches would be paid for when she was with her Student. Last night we decided to make omelets but using star shaped pastry cutters that we in a drawer. The first two examples didn't worked but like true pioneers we perceived. We soon produced 6 different flavoured and sized Star shaped omelets, one even contained candy eggs that you get in Haribo sweets.

So fun was had by all. But now I better sign off and do some house work. Enjoy everyone.

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