Friday, September 21, 2012

Last Night of Freedom

Well it has finally came, Tanja and I's wedding.

So yesterday, Thursday 20th, our last day as an unmarried couple was spent mainly running around like loons trying to get the final bits and pieces done. We came home about 4 times and I felt so tired.

I am officially fully moved in now, my last two parcels arrived yesterday, so that is it no more stuff coming from the Island. The apartment is a wee bit of a state but that is because we have things to buy and move around for us to make it a home but that isn't a massive burden.

We went out to Haralds, a Viking style restaurant, for our 'last supper'. We had been there twice before but find out they had changed to menu last week and so we took a while ordering food. They had so many nice sounding things but we soon chose the starter and main course shields (they are shield shaped platters with a big selection of things to try). The red deer was beautiful, cooked medium and so tender. The whole meal was amazing, once again they didn't disappoint. We were so stuffed after the two courses that we could not manage a dessert. 

Once we got back we had a few bits to do for the big day. I was soon forced to bed by Tanja because I was falling asleep and making little mistakes (like cutting the place cards too big). Tanja stayed up till 4......... crazy lady.

Well time for me to be off, there are some things to do before the Grand Finale. Next time I write i'll be a married man.

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